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Kurtis Hoppie (Formerly Known As Triple Thr33)

Kurtis Hoppie was born and raised in the City of Las Vegas Nevada. Losing his Father at the age of 5 his mother was left to raise Kurtis and his older brother Chris as a single mother (Never remarrying). Without a dad young triple struggled with identity and ultimately struggled to fit in with his pears. Through school he was bullied by class mates and friends, in time he became depressed and longed to escape reality and thoughts of suicide. This caused a 12 year addiction to online Videos games, drugs, partying, and sinful living as he tried to fill the void that He would soon find out only God could fill. In time He began to rap as a way to create change and speak to those who went through similar upbringing as himself. After a fellow rapping friend introduced him to the bible, God gave Kurtis a revelation that his words could change the world but without God it was all meaningless and it was time to start over from scratch walking as a child of God. In this walk he found freedom, Peace, Vision, life, identity, and the greatest dad a man could ask for Jesus Christ.

  • Latest Single: Eyez to the Sky

  • Latest Album: Mansions in the Sky (March 20th 2018)

  • Latest Music Video: Eyez to the Sky
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