Dātin (Day-tin) is a New Jersey-based Christian hip hop artist with a distinctive, gritty vocal tone. Born and raised in Newark, Brick City, he cut his teeth as a champion battle rapper in his teens, with wins including BET's 106 & Park Freestyle Friday & Monday Night Fight Klub, earning him a fan base and eventually the attention of major record labels.

After some time off from music during which he committed to a Christian path both personally and professionally, he released a collaborative Mixtape with producer Tee-Wyla titled Turn It Off Vol. 1 in 2012 which gained the attention of Bizzle, the CEO of God Over Money records. Dātin signed with God Over Money in 2014 and the label released his much-anticipated debut LP, The Roar, in early 2016. Its many featured guests included Christian rappers BizzleBeleafDre Murray (and more) and it soon landed in the Top 20 of the Billboard Christian and rap charts, as well as on the Independent Albums and Heatseekers Albums charts. In 2017, He released The Menace Mixtape then followed up with his sophomore album, the critically acclaimed, Hell in the Hallway late 2018.

Dātin also launched his own independent label, Menace Movement Records and released StefanOtto's album Til Heaven Comes late 2019 and also Dātin's most recent project, the critically acclaimed CHH Ain't Dead, Vol. 1 in 2020. You can expect more music from Dātin, StefanOtto and the rest of the #GodOverMoney / #MenaceMovement camp soon!