JXHN PVUL utilizes his wide range of influences from punk, rock and hip-hop to share life lessons in music that offers healing and deliverance.

Born Pablo Robles, he originally hails from Puerto Rico and now resides in Lakeland, Florida with his wife and soon-to-be-born son. He grew up with his mother playing Latin music and found a love for punk, hip-hop and screamo. With the guidance of his uncle, he developed his skill sets of writing, producing, rapping, singing and playing guitar. His stage name blends his connectedness to the Biblical figures of the apostle Paul and John the Baptist with the edginess of his craft as is shown in the diversity of his singles “Making My Moves” and “Deceiver Killer.”

After living his teenage years without a sense of direction, JXHN PVUL found a renewed sense of purpose when he reached the age of 21. A moment where he cried out in worship turned into an entire lifestyle change that now fuels his music.

He signed with One Vision Army in 2019 after meeting label owner Adam Hagaman and fellow signee Kurtis Hoppie in person at A3C. He joined the team confidently knowing that they are on the same mission to bring life-giving music to the world.